Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri - Missouri Beta

Pledgeship Program 

Missouri Beta's pledgeship program is an eight-week educational program during which time prospective members dedicate themselves to becoming lifelong members of Phi Delta Theta. During this process prospective members begin to learn about the history and traditions of Phi Delta Theta. Pledgeship is also a time when prospective members form deep friendships with one another as well as with the active members of the Fraternity.

Anti-Hazing Policy 
Phi Delta Theta has initiated an ant-hazing philosophy called “Don’t Tarnish the Badge.” We are dedicated not only to eradicating hazing here at Phi Delta Theta, but among Greek Societies as a whole. Our new member education program confronts common excuses in defense of hazing and is centered on an eight-week educational experience that builds brotherhood and teaches leadership skills rather than tearing young men down. More information on our Anti-Hazing philosophy can be found here.

Membership Requirements 

In order to become a member in good standing of Phi Delta Theta, prospective members must fulfill several requirements. Prospective members must complete an eight-week training process during which they will be trained in the history and traditions of the Fraternity. Prospective members must be full-time students enrolled at Westminster College and remain in good academic standing throughout the course of the pledgeship program. Prospective members are expected to participate in all philanthropic and social activities during pledgeship. Finally, prospective members that have violated Westminster College's substance abuse policy may not be considered for membership.

Eric Strange
Pledge Educator

Phikeia Pins